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Alayna’s 2023 2D Animation Demo Reel!

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Recent works

Rigged animation and commission work! Check out the trailer for my grad film, Macaroni Soup, too!

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Grad film work

Helping out other grads, that is!

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School Assignments

Older, experimental stuff like my 3rd year film, stopmotion, traditional, and more.

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Character illustrations

Below is just a taste of my character illustrations, mostly for clients.

Check out my illustration portfolio with process pics and more on Artstation!

And if you like what you see, my commission info is here! My actual services include character art, backgrounds, animations, and more.

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Background Art

I did background work for The Cat's Meow and of course, background work in my commissions as well.

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Alayna Y

Purveyor of all things cute, delicious, and colourful! Studied 2D Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and enjoyed a virtual graduation ceremony in my PJs. Check out my grad film, Macaroni Soup, at a film festival near you!

When I'm not drawing or animating, I'm probably taking the train to various dessert places that I've only seen online. If not those two, then I'm definitely enjoying rhythm games at the arcade.

What does your social media name, taptroupe, mean?

It's my Tumblr URL from when I was around 15. It's the name of a level from Rhythm Heaven Fever, a Wii game by Nintendo. My friend gifted the Tumblr handle to me, and the rest is history.

photograph of alayna (bob black hair, glasses, knit white sweater) lovingly holding kirby (pink furry blob). bg is a dark beige wall.
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Software and programs I use

Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Animate/Flash, and Dragonframe

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and my two loves Premire and After Effects from Adobe Creative Cloud

FireAlpaca, my beloved for all freelance illustrations and personal art

Avid Pro Tools and Audacity for audio editing

Google Workspace and Microsoft Office

Also, fun fact, 50% of this website is coded with my love and custom HTML/CSS, which I'm learning right now. Even the metatags are custom. Coding rocks!

alayna (bunny ears and tail, black short hair, rectangle glasses, smile with red cheeks, navy blue sweatshirt with heart design and beige cardigan and red bowtie on neck, red-white polka dot shorts) animation of presenting something to her side.
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Now you know who I am, but what do others have to say?

All references are available to view on my LinkedIn as well.

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Rachel Liu, Fellow ECUAD graduate and Illustrator

I was a club leader for the Emily Carr University of Art + Design animation along with Alayna. She was always good at communicating with the leadership team as well as managed our time very well.

Not only that Alayna was a big teamplayer and helped with many of the events that would have been worse if she had not been there. To summarize I would say Alayna is reliable, communicative, and cooperative. Additionally, shes a blast to be around.

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Abigail Diantoro, 2D Animator at Copernicus Studios

Alayna was one of the animators who helped animate my graduating film. She is an amazing animator with superb communication skills. She was able to get the scenes done quickly with quality and was always on schedule. Through out the production she was always very transparent with her progress and work. She helped made the animation process so much easier.

Alayna isn't afraid to ask questions and is always taking the initiative. She isn't one to wait for an opportunity to come, but instead seeks it out. She's very enthusiastic with her craft and with meeting new people and learning new skills.

All in all, it was such a pleasure to be able to work with Alayna and to be her friend.